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Bright, colourful and easy to read – come on a journey with Harry the Bee! Kids love the books, and you will love reading them – from ABCs to 123s through to Harry the Brave and Mummy Loves You, Baby – we’ve got a book to keep the most demanding kid engaged!

Feel free to check out my books below, or if you are here for the colouring books, they are in the next section down.

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I’ve made my downloadable colouring books FREE for a limited time… During the current lockdown keeping kids entertained may be a bit easier! 
They will come down as a PDF, so either print at home or import to a drawing programme on a tablet 🙂



Harry the Bee Colouring Book

Harry the Bee ABC Colouring Book

Get the whole set!

One low price for all the current Harry the Bee and Mummy Loves You Baby books! Update your babies library with some fantastic reading 🙂



Harry the Bee's ABC's

The first book created in the series, and a firm favourite for all children. Join Harry in this children’s book as he goes through the ABC alphabet with colourful pictures and easy rhyming text. 

Mummy Loves You, Baby

The latest release from Fantail Books, a beautifully written book with a mother’s love in mind. Hand sketched illustrations create a subtlety that reflects on the words written within this great children’s book.

Harry The Brave

Lightning and thunder isn’t scary, right? come and join Harry the brave who was dreaming about castles and dragons in caves before being woken up by a very loud bang!

123 By Harry the Bee

Learning to count to 10 is easy with Harry the Bee! With easy to read, rhyming sentences and colourful pages you can count the bees and count the numbers. Kids love it! 

The Fibbles - Coming Soon

…But where was Rocket, amongst all this commotion? Pink looked up, and as if in slow motion…

Up by the cookies, with a mighty roar, Rocket the Kiwi pushed the jar onto the floor

From the bottom of a heap, Bung opened his eyes, to see the cookie jar falling from the sky

My plan worked! Bung thought to himself, while the jar grew bigger as it fell from the shelf…



Coming Soon!

Larry The Crab lives under rocks,
With big blue shoes, and bright red socks.

He’s a happy little crab with a big wide grin,
Large round eyes, and freckles on his skin!


Stephen J Punter

Stephen J Punter

Author / Illustrator

Originally I created an ABC book for my baby daughter based on this little bee called Harry, from there the books have grown into 5 different titles, with another 5 titles to come. 

I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 years, and recently a tutor for Digital Design, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. 


Sing and dance along with Harry the Bee!

A great companion for the Harry the Bee’s ABCs book is the video! created, illustrated, sung and played by Stephen J Punter, and animated by Justin Koh.



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